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Soprano singer, songwriter Andrea Jenkyns musical career has certainly been colourful. She met the Prime Minister of Pakistan, and performed in Islamabad to thousands of people. Her music video for her song 'The Beach' has been played in Asia and became one of the most requested songs on one of their television shows.  Her debut album was an eclectic mix of genres, all original tracks, mixing rock, pop, ballads and with a pinch of eastern flavour. She has nearly a four octave range up to F6 and has the ability to produce warm luscious low tones, to the top 'phantom of the opera' type, whistle sounds.


About Andrea

UK Singer and Songstress Andrea, is a gift to us all.

Her performance is filled with shimmering songs, all perfectly expressed by Andrea’s crystalline voice. Emotional and powerful, her voice and music further gets ingrained in your soul with each subsequent listen.


Paul Freeman;- Freelance Entertainment Writer for the New York Times Syndicate, San Francisco Chronicle and Pulse Magazine.


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